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Photo Performance

2006 - 2009

Valentina Torrado & Alfredo Mena

Light box with Photo

Video Installation



Je suis Felicia

Berlin/ Magdeburg, Germany (2006)

Je suis Morgana Montevideo/Minas/José Ignacio, Uruguay (2007)

Je suis Olimpia

Pueblo de Belchite/Zaragoza, Spain (2007)

Je suis Islandia

Berlin, Germany (2008)

Je suis Amós

Ustka, Poland (2009)


Je suis is an art and communications project that works by creating a multiplicity of characters who perform in different places around the world, with particular emphasis on proposing a social and cultural exploration of the spaces they occupy through art. Je suis works as a quasi- theatrical representation thanks to the simulation of a diversity of created characters who will design and build the urban spaces in which they are performing. They will act as “agents” in breaking off public spaces from their normal function everyday life. Je suis has two parts which take place concurrently; the first is the exploration of the selected spaces in which the fictional character will perform (public and private areas in a specific country). In the second part, after each performance, their traces are shown through Photo and Video Installations in an art space in the country where the character was created.



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