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Sound and painting installation

Baszta Czarownic - Witch´s Tower

Slupsk, Poland 2012

The project consists in a water landscape installed along the 2 rooms of the gallery. Each room have a unique dark atmosphere. The see represented (in form of a big painting) in each room, will sweep away the tragic and negative “aura” of the place. VIENTOS NEGROS is like a refreshing wind and a semantic turn of the place - the visitors will have the feeling of being involved in a cool, sinister and claustrophobic landscape. This sensation is relieved by the view of the ocean.


First floor, room . Ocean-water landscape. Big painting installed in the room with “dark light”. UV - Color - Acrylic on canvas 220 x 150 cm


Second floor, room 2. Black room, no light. Sound installation: waves and wind/ sound: Atlantic ocean Uruguay


About the Witches Tower


Erected in the fifteenth century as a part of the defense walls. Then in the seventeenth century rebuilt into a prison, mainly forwomen suspected of sorcery. The last trial for sorcery was held in 1701 in the Witches ´Tower, and its victim, who was burnt at the stake, was Trina Papisten, a townswoman from Sluspk.The Tower was reconstructed and designed for an art gallery and belongs to the oldest architectural monuments of Slupsk.

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