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A collective exhibition at the National Museum Szczezin, 2020


Video installation - triptych

A video installation shows 3 large projection in a row. The water runs uninterruptedly together with a running text about short daily stories of Venezuelans. The artwork focuses mostly on Venezuela's water crisis, that leaves 86 percent of the population without access to running water. The little water that reaches the homes from time to time is repulsive, brown and thick. People are forced to generate new survival strategies: digging wells and creating a system to siphon off accumulated and wasted water from an abandoned construction site to their homes. It is the catastrophe that nobody wants to live; a nightmare turned into a reality. 

The word "water" becomes a very powerful concept and a hyperlink. Through information about the critical situation that entire populations are living due to the lack of drinking water, we are aware of the dimension of the problem, but for those who live it in an indirect way, it is almost impossible to feel the true frightening dimension that a water crisis entails. What is the feeling that is created from an aesthetic experience, when water is represented artistically, in the form of a video? It is a small window to the outside, a means of reflection.

Video projections running as a loop - Each projection is 3 m x 168 m (16:9)

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